Hosting for web agencies

Finally . . .hosting for design agencies and web professionals

You offer your clients hosting.
We’ll do the heavy lifting

Our Cloud-based hosting plans for web designers are for professionals like you who would rather spend time designing beautiful sites than dealing with billing, renewals and technical support.

Got three or more hosting clients? Our Agency Plan allows you to sign them up from your own page link on our website, and let us deal with the distractions of billing and technical support. We can’t believe no one thought of this sooner!

Learn more about the Agency program from our sales team.

Billing, Support and
Client Management

The purpose of the Agency plan is to simplify billing and support for web professionals by providing direct, billing and invoicing while providing tools and resources for managing and developing new and existing web projects. Each time one of your clients purchases a hosting product we share the revenue with you. Transactions are tracked and shown to you in real time and, each month, we pay you for new business.

We also provide you and your clients with phone support, a 24/7 ticket system, loads of knowledgebase articles and consulting for any of your web projects.

Our goal is to provide agencies customer base amazing service. Their success is ours... while we get new hosted customers through our agency partners, they get successful website launches, and happy customers. We think that forms a healthy business relationship that's "win win".

Have three or more hosting clients?

Our Agency Plan lets you sign up your clients from your custom branded portal, and then we kick you back for the sales. Why not let us deal with the headaches of billing and customer support...

While you focus on what you do best...