Agency Hosting for Web Professionals

What is it?

Earn hosting income monthly while reducing your labour on email setup, hosting and domain config, and billing or renewal issues. We've even created custom tools for agencies to manage clients easier!

It's a simple way for us to reward our largest growth sector; the web people that work hard launching their clients businesses online. Additionally, after years of working along side hundreds of web designers we saw room for improvement in how the basic hosting tools were laid out, and some of the processes in staging & development were non existent. We are dedicated to improve the landscape where the designer works everyday building new websites, staging them, launching them and backing them up. We are also working on passing the invoicing off to customers when the time is right, and one click installs of loaded WordPress themes.

Who is it for?

If you have three or more hosted clients, you are ready to go! Some professionals we had in mind when creating this, are web-designers & developers, SEO & marketing agencies, copy writers & free lancers. If you've found managing hosting or domain name support issues consumes your time, and is not your favorite thing to do, you'll appreciate taking a load off while still making some hosting income on customers.

How does it work?

Got three or more hosting clients? Your ready to start!

Here's how to get started; talk to us! Send us a note or call us and we can get you started right away.

Have 3 or more accounts ready to move in. We can even migrate them for you if you like, we do it all the time!

We'll give you a custom URL link like;  The link will serve as your customer tracking for all your signups.

Each month we pay out your rewards using Paypal. There are custom agency reports for tracking payments and checking your client accounts.

Get started with the agency plan!

Imagine how much time you might save if you weren't managing your customers email setups & issues, SSL certs, hosting & domain issues, and there renewals. We are like your outsource partners working hard behind the scenes to give the best experience to both & your customers.

We provide you and your clients with phone support, a 24/7 ticket system, loads of knowledgebase articles and video tutorials and consulting for any of your web projects.

If you'd like to speak with someone here and get more details, let us know!