We are moving, get on the bus!

We are moving, get on the bus!

This is a copy of the email we’ve sent out to all our domain name customers.

Email Subject: Urgent News from Hosting Nation. We are moving your domains!

You are receiving this email because you have a domain registered with Hosting Nation and your email address is the Registrant email contact.

What is happening?

Due to a recent major price increase at our domain provider Enom, and rather poor service we’ve received, we are moving to a new domain provider. We have had an enterprise level Enom account since 2006, and now are moving all our domains to our new provider – Hexonet.

Your domain will still be managed by Hosting Nation entirely. Our upstream provider of domains is what is changing. You will continue to login and pay Hosting Nation for domains.


How is this going to happen?

To achieve this, we need your cooperation. Since all the domains we manage (your domains) have to be officially ‘moved’ from our Enom account to our Hexonet account, we need your EPP Key for each domain name registered with us. When your domain renewal comes due, and you pay for the renewal, the domain will physically move from our old Enom account to our new Hexonet account. But in order for that to happen, we 1st need the EPP Key for each domain to be renewed. We cannot ‘see’ your EPP Key, but we can send it to your email address on the Registrant contact for the domain name.


What do I need to do?

We are going to send out your EPP Key to you for each domain name you have registered with us. All you need to do is forward that email back to us at epp@hosting-nation.com

That’s it! Not so hard eh? We have also attached a screenshot of what the email will look like when you receive your EPP Key (see below or attachment in email).

The result!

The next time your domain renews with us, it will actually renew & transfer from our old account to our new one. We thought this would


Got Questions?

What if I don’t send you the EPP Key?

You will then stay on our Enom account where you are now, and as of May 30th this month the prices will increase significantly to help us cover the Enom price increase we will incur. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What if I don’t want to renew my domain?

No worries, simply don’t send the EPP Key back to us. You are choosing to not renew anyway, so just let it expire where it is.

How do I know this is not some phishing or fraud scheme?

To verify the authenticity of this notice, you can check the links below on our own websites where we’ve posted this same notice. If that isn’t enough, call us or put in a ticket to support@hostingnation.ca

Hosting Nation support – https://help.hosting-nation.com

Hosting Nation blog – https://hosting-nation.com/blog/

Hosting Nation USA  https://www.hosting-nation.com

Hosting Nation CAD  https://hosting-nation.ca

HostingWithUs  https://hostingwithus.com


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