New Backup Technology Coming to Hosting Nation

New Backup Technology Coming to Hosting Nation

R1SoftIn the next few weeks Hosting Nation will be activating a Continuous Data Protection backup solution to enable easier and smoother backups for our servers and users. We will be integrating R1Soft’s CDP solution to our arsenal of backup utilities in order to scale better as we grow and provide a better sense of comfort for the user. This client/server solution works on the disk sector level and doesn’t impact the performance of even a busy server.

Although we have yet to decide on this software’s backup scheduling policy, The CDP solution can create recovery points every few minutes in a short amount of time. It also has a nice web GUI for our administrators and support staff to browse down and restore even a single file.

We will also be taking advantage of the MySQL addon that allows us to restore at the database or even table level from “consistent point-in-time block level snapshots of running MySQL instances.”

The staff and I are really excited about adding this technology.  Keep your eyes on Hosting Nation over the next couple of weeks for an announcement on how you can have access to this great new feature.

Randall Donald is the system administrator for Hosting Nation Data Inc.  Hosting Nation provides hosting packages and hosted applications to everyone.