Domain Price Adjustment 2016

Domain Price Adjustment 2016

Today we are raising our retail domain name rates on both our US and Canadian websites to bring us up to par. Hosting Nation’s last domain price increase was in 2013 when Verisign, CIRA (.CA) as well as PIR (.ORG) all increased their bulk prices and domain providers including Hosting Nation found it necessary to adjust their prices accordingly.

Although being a boutique hosting company, over the years we’ve offered domain rates on par or lower than larger competitors such as GoDaddy. We plan on continuing our competitive culture but have noticed in many cases our rates fell well below and in some cases have been sold at a loss.

For example on our Canadian website we have charged $13.40CAN for .COM for years, which converts to $9.78USD, while GoDaddy is asking $14.99USD (+ ICANN fee of $.018) for a total of $15.17USD on renew. A difference of $5.39USD! It’s been great for you as we didn’t compensate for our Canadian dollar drop.

Our corporate culture was never intended to be the cheapest place on the block, but one that provides more value for our hosted services. We sincerely hope your experience with us has been a positive one.

New Retail Domain Prices

For our retail clients, domain prices will increase as of March 1st, 2016. The new rates will be slightly higher than previous prices, however we have strived to keep our prices competitive. Naturally our Canadian dollar rates will rise more significantly than our US dollar rates due to the poor value on the CAN dollar at this time. We hope that will change soon!

Canadian Dollar US Dollar
.COM $18.95
.NET $21.55
.ORG $20.70
.INFO $20.75
.CA $26.80 (will come down later this year)
.COM $13.90
.NET $15.65
.ORG $15.00
.INFO $15.05
.CA $19.40 (will come down later this year)


Domain Volume Rates

If you have more than 10 domains you qualify for our volume rates. For more information about the volume rates and how you can start taking advantage of them, please email us or give us a call and speak with one of our representatives.

Some Example Volume Rates in USD

.COM $11.23
.NET $13.53
.ORG $12.98
.INFO $13.01
.CA $17.44

We appreciate your business, and we will continue to strive towards excellent customer service at a competitive rate.

Should you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-888-558-4678