A Series of Tubes

April 28, 2010

A Bit of Fluff – Dave the Wonder Dog

It’s fair to say though, that not all animals share our ideas of celebration.  Take, for example, Dave the Wonder Dog. Dave the Wonder Dog is part border collie, part black lab and all crazy.   Crazy how?  Peep the video below and see for yourself. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D28hhaU9RU PS.  If you like the video, you can join us in our efforts to […]
December 10, 2009

Extreme Website Makeover – Robbin’s Wreaths

Hosting Nation has partnered with Oceanside Web TV to create Extreme Website Makeover.  The media group will be creating a total of five websites, each valued at $6000, over the next 6 months for businesses on Vancouver Island that have undergone exceptional circumstances trying to get their business online. Our first entrepreneur is Robbin’s Wreaths.  The small local business has […]
November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Hosting Nation!

It’s a slow day here in the Parksville office, as many of our American clients are no doubt settling into a nice game of Football, basting the turkey or visiting with family.   With the quietness in the office, I felt it would be a good time to talk about some of the things we’re thankful for here at Hosting Nation, […]
October 16, 2009

Can I have that for less? Part Two

In Part One of “can I have that for less?” we explored some of the concepts behind the vendor-client relationship of web development services and how expectations can clash with reality when things aren’t spelled out in advance. In this part, we’re going to discuss some of the canned and affordable options available for non-existent and low budgets.  Custom design […]
September 23, 2009

Can I have that for less please?

There are no hard and fast rules for what a thing on the web should cost.   For instance, you can get a logo from 19dollarlogos.com starting at $19.00, yet Pepsi recently paid hundreds of millions for their new logo design (read the full 27 page brief explaining how Pepsi is at the center of the universe). Assuming that your budget […]
August 24, 2009

Tech Support Cheat Sheet – by XKCD

Upon discovering that we work with computers, most people think we can fix anything computer related and worse, that we have access to some sort of ancient repository of knowledge (previously memorized of course) to deal with any problem that arises, or that we learned it through years of grueling schoolwork and study.  It’s not true, as reported by XKCD.  […]
August 11, 2009

Google Image Search is not a Repository – Where to Find Rights Free Images

It’s not all business all the time.  It’s mostly business around here at Hosting Nation but when you’ve been at it all day, sometimes you need to unwind with something light and funny. The sites I browse when I’m kicking back and defragging range in theme and content though most of them are funny in one way or another.  Humour […]
February 20, 2009

History of the Internet

A nice animated video of the history of the Internet.
November 19, 2008

Application Nation – Time to Write or Die

Write or die is a web based application from the labs of Dr. Wicked. As someone who writes an awful lot, I can relate to writers out there who find themselves sitting in front of their computer staring at a blank screen, with an equally blank expression on their face while they try and come up with something compelling. I’m […]
November 5, 2008

Elections 2008 Coverage – Tools and Resources to stay Informed

The US election is an event with global resonance.  While voters in the US turn out in record numbers, those of us living nearby sit on the edge of our seats with bated breath waiting to see who the new commander in chief will be. While I don’t want to get into the actual politics of the election (poor taste […]